Old man wears flat shoes to match with bow cushion

Old man wears flat shoes to match with bow cushion

[This site - shoes and life] is old, it feels tired to walk for a while, and the pain in the foot is incredible. This is because people are old and the arches are getting more and more collapsed. Only need to add an arch pad in the shoes can be easily resolved.

When you are older, the elasticity of the arch gradually disappears. The arch of the foot is collapsed. The ligaments in the foot are pulled too much. Not only is it easy to fatigue, but it often causes foot pain. A long time may also cause back pain. If you feel pain when walking, try to use an archpad and insert it on the inner side of the middle of the shoe. This will not only make your feet and legs evenly supported, but also provide cushioning and shock absorption to avoid foot fatigue.

"The use of arch pads is very popular in foreign countries. In Germany, 40% of people use arch pads in their daily lives." When the arch collapse is not too serious, you can consider purchasing finished foot arch pads; serious, can be customized. Currently, there are three kinds of arch pads in the market: soft, semi-soft, and hard. For the elderly, the best choice is to use soft silicone pads, which can support the arch. When exercising and exercising, hard styles should be selected; those with wider soles can use semi-soft cushions. When making a foot arch pad, it is best that both sides are thin, the middle is thick, and soft and hard are moderate.

It should be noted that it is best for elderly people to wear 2-3 cm wedge shoes. Flat shoes are not good enough to support the special insoles that support the arches, which is not conducive to the weight of the elderly or walking, and it is easy to cause foot strain.

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