Li Ning Chili Series Chinese Gold Team Competition Set

In the London Olympics this season, Li Ning is a clothing sponsor of the ping-pong team, badminton team, diving team and shooting team. In this Olympics, Li Ning launched the “Red Phosphorus” series of competition suits. The creativity of the “Red Scale” competition suit originated from some of the character traits of the traditional Chinese culture dragons, and the Longyue tiles of the Dragon Culture 8000 years ago shaped the Chinese characteristics.

The core breakthrough of the 2012 national team's Olympic competition service is to create, design and produce the dragon scale tile as a prototype. This exquisite creativity of this wonderful work has achieved the perfect combination of China's broad and profound traditional historical culture and modern science and technology.

Chinese Table Tennis Team - Chih-Ling Tongtian Table Tennis Women's Dragon Suit (Set) Selling Price: RMB899

Chinese Table Tennis Team - Chih-Tung Chih-Tung Table Tennis Men's Game Dragon Suit (Set) Selling Price: RMB899

The game for the table tennis team is called "Tongtian", which means that it will fly in the sky. It means that the "National Ball" team will make a brilliant record in London and show the people's domineering spirit.

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