Taste, status and fashion symbol LIEDOW (Lei Duo) women

Originated in France LIEDOW ( Lei Duo ) brand, entered the Chinese market in 1998.
LIEDOW closely follow the changes in the fashion trends in the world, Europe's most cutting-edge fashion information and domestic consumer dress habits, seasonal differences, color, size, habits and other characteristics, in close contact with the design of a series of with the world Fashion synchronized fashion, and can meet the needs of domestic consumers of clothing.


In the fabric, the choice of Europe and Japan's top fabrics and domestic high-quality fabrics to the performance of elegant women, not only give full consideration to wearing comfort but also the appropriate landscaping. Three-dimensional cutting, precision work, given LIEDOW distinctive style and unique charm, to meet the upper class mature women's aesthetic awareness. Is a symbol of taste, status and fashion.

品味、地位与时尚的象征 LIEDOW(蕾朵)女装

In terms of version, through the study of the oriental female body, according to different external conditions, and the use of foreign lines to provide version of the model, coupled with a unique three-dimensional cut mode. So that LIEDOW (Lei Duo) and the general market version of a clear distinction, so that LIEDOW (Lei Duo) brand in the domestic garment market more competitive.
After several years of development, LIEDOW (Lei Duo) has become a famous high-end women's brand , its products by the ladies lady, white-collar daughter of love. Sales network is being gradually extended throughout China's major north-south.

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