2015 spring fashion 2015 spring popular what style of dress

More than half the pace of winter, the spring sunshine has long risen. Love the beauty of fashion women are always fast one step ahead of the spring ready for the upcoming! So what style of dress popular in the spring of 2015? Following the Timmy children brand women together to find out about the spring 2015 dress trends now! This blue and white checked dress, high waist Slim version of the design, into a sweet black bow, enriched the overall sense of color hierarchy, but also was sweet and lively atmosphere. With white stockings + metal fish head high heels, full of vitality and vitality, very stylish! Black lace dress, full of mysterious and sexy taste, like the changing weather in spring, people can not figure it out. Through self-cultivation and cutting-edge popular lines, so that the overall more noble and elegant atmosphere. With pink pointed high heels, full of femininity!