Chest drooping women how to choose underwear? Full cup bra most suitable

We often hear many female friends suffer chest deformation, sagging, in addition to the reasons for age, a large part because of the lack of awareness of the maintenance of the chest, there is no right choice of underwear . Then the drooping chest women should choose how to underwear it? Figure: urban thousand beautiful underwear First of all, we have to understand the reasons for sagging breasts, which is often because of the higher chest, but breast muscle relaxation, over time can easily lead to sagging. You can choose a larger bra, and use a steel ring and side push to enhance the function from the bottom up support. Figure: urban thousand beautiful underwear This type of women suitable choice full cup bra, it can effectively support your sagging breasts up, and all-round inclusion of 360 ° can effectively gather to avoid the promotion of thoracic expansion problems such as expansion, matching Wide shoulder strap also more pulling effect.