Wave than men's unparalleled brand charm

Longbrigs story began in the early 90s of last century. In 1992, a group of fashion-conscious IT owners and fashion houses set up design studios in Hong Kong dedicated to the design of major European and American labels. As the processing lines moved northward, they established the Huichang Company in Guangzhou that operates in synchronization with the Hong Kong market. In 1995, they successfully registered Longbrigs, a leisure brand, in China. With the continuous expansion of business, Longbrigs ushered in a series of changes, and gradually from a single auxiliary production and single product marketing approach to intensive management, and diversified, international brand management convergence. The restructuring of Longbrigs in 2003 marks the beginning of a new era. At that time, the top international fashion designers (Fujiwo Ishimot) to join more brand integration into the new blood, the product is very sensitive to the trend of tactile and unique design concepts, and European style and American feelings into one, outlined Out of the elite image of a new era of urban men - the perfect combination of Eastern and Western cultures produced by the clap of praise and appreciation of the modern classic. In 2005, Longbrigs expanded its business in Hong Kong and focused its attention on the international market. It actively utilized the international garment associations such as Cotton Association International, Tencel Cotton Association and Italian Garment Association to quickly grasp the latest industry information and First-class fabric suppliers to cooperate to optimize the traditional crafts and the use of advanced technology so that every detail of the product reflects the combination of quality and fashion mainstream. During the spring / summer 2006 fashion week, Longbrigs continued its consistent style of boutique casual wear and launched SRORT, JEANS and other collections of men's clothing to make the brand more plentiful and make the products more subdivided. In recent years after the international top-level interior designer Ero mietinen's thematic design, 04-05 Longbrigs stores reached the pinnacle. Natural and environmentally friendly design of the main logs, adding a variety of metal finishes inlaid, so that the entire store is full of European style, gives the elegant and comfortable but just strong feeling. Make interior design and fashion trends into one, not trifling Longbrigs always give you the ultimate fun of fashion life and aesthetic unique visual enjoyment. Longbrigs is not only a symbol of noble status and status, but also enable many successful men to experience the essence of apparel culture, deeply appreciate the incomparable charm of the brand! Longbrigs's slogan is: to make consumers happy, investors profit. Let's share the joy of her success!