Red-sleeved women's spring 2013 new spring gives you a different feeling of good feelings

In the sunny, breezy days, choose a comfortable soft sweater or pull the wind leather dress to dress themselves is the most suitable. Take a look at the red sleeve women in the spring of 2013 to bring us what kind of surprise it! Soft knit shirt, elegant bloom in the spring. This sleeveless knitted sweater is best suited to the sunny spring afternoon, the fake two pieces of design, elegant and comfortable comfort, chiffon is added to the distribution of sweet femininity, such a sweater will give you a different Spring day's good feelings. Spring is coming, the leather can pull the wind played, this sleeve jacket with a red sleeve, soft and breathable matte fabric, classic elegant round neck, double-breasted placket design, these clever designs have weakened the leather sense of toughness , More than a few intellectual atmosphere of the feminine. PS: Locomotive actually very cute!