Warm congratulations blue women's Anhui agent signed a success!

Miao wave Dongguan City Clothing Co., Ltd. under the brand " Blue and White " its simple and exquisite design details, visual to a strong desire to enter the language. Blue Flower is committed to all kinds of intellectual ladies to create a "fashion. Pure. Intellectual" clothing needs, is committed to creating a romantic innocent without losing the rational lady world. Blue Flower advocate a unique lady culture. Adapt to the age of 18-30-year-old all kinds of intellectual ladies to pure and elegant fashion for the two major design themes for women in the city to create a steady woman can always be estimated to be as sweet as the first love as slightly sweet charm, at the same time But also highlight the workplace elegant and capable style, life is a beautiful scene with colorful scenes, never fade. Merchants joining policy First, join the advantage ★ Blue and white language brand has a unique national unified store, simple, fresh, stylish atmosphere and blue and white intellectual image of the shining lady in many women's shops, people memorable. ★ Free franchisees to provide decoration floor plan design, scene renderings, advertising design. ★ unified design companies to provide four seasons new stock market, the major festivals of the windows and store display mode. ★ The company will do certain publicity and advertising in the appropriate media to enhance brand awareness and effectively develop the market. ★ followed by the unique brand advocacy ideas, put the relationship between the product and the brand, the relationship between brand and product is the relationship between the ship and water, the brand is the ship product is water, because the idea of ​​a way out. Second, joining the conditions and requirements ◆ Applicant's condition has the awareness and ability of apparel brand operation and management. With entrepreneurial, innovative spirit, dedication, focus on teamwork. A unique perspective on the women's industry, florid brand recognition style. ◆ capital needs and integrity According to franchisees apply for opening outlets type, size, area, franchisees require sufficient funds. Strength for the pre-store rental, decoration, the first purchase and the liquidity needed later. Good business integrity, is the premise of full cooperation, florid enterprises advocate cooperation and seek common development. ◆ business premises: stores: Select the store location should be selected to join the central business district shopping street or pedestrian street, brand clothing concentrated area, or target customers concentrated community district. Provide details of the environment in which the store is located, including the storefront height, space store floor plan, the shop where the store is analyzed, complex storefront with photos. Special Hall / Counter: Local high-end women's or casual wear apparel brand outstanding sales department stores. Familiar with and can provide department stores and women's brand franchise stores related information. Third, joining support policies ★ exempt from brand joining gold. ★ shelves, props returned within two years of installments. ★ help intends to join the pre-market survey and shop location. ★ Free design company to provide shop decoration program. ★ provide store opening planning programs and staff training. ★ new store opening, giving the shop door words and advertising materials. Fourth, all-round professional training Including product knowledge, sales knowledge, product display, customer service, product mix, personnel management and other professional training