Joy flying in Disney's sky! ! Anhai City, Fujian Province, Jinjiang Anhai City Disney store tour!

"Sky City" - Who in the distant night sky, flying over the meteors, to see who it lights the way; who walked into the dream, who with a brilliant smile, painting the horizon of the rainbow ..... Address: Hongjiang Road, Anhai Town, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, on the shopping malls Disney cartoon by children's favorite! Some like brave Lion King; some like cute Mary Cat; Of course, there are many children like "Toy Story" inside the Hu Di Bastu Cui Red Heart Spring Dog hugged Dragon ham. . . Children, which one do you like? New store opening like a new married! Must be carefully dressed up, shooting a set of professional wedding photos, the best time forever treasure! Disney children's clothing adhering to the concept of leading fashion, first-class quality, relying on the company holds a large number of well-known international brands of children's clothing licensing authority to grasp the world's children's cartoon derivative products trend, the company's strong R & D team product design and production, "Disney Lion King "," Disney Mary Cat "" Toy Story "children's clothing, children's shoes, bags as the main product. Disney children's wear takes you into the gorgeous and noble children's temple. Display, will be to create our classic Disney children's clothing brand master hand! Disney's sky stars bright, shiny! ! Here is the children's world, it is Disney's paradise! Colorful, colorful!