Beautiful fashion dress, all in Beni life Museum

Beini, a trendy fashion brand crafted by 16-25 year-old girls, will make Beni a fashionable girl's pursuit of "boutique boutiques". Based on this goal, Beni products have been included: fashion bags, wallets, clothing, Trolley Case, makeup bags, slippers, hats, scarves, watches, accessories and other fashion boutique, the pursuit of product variety, the refinement of a single species At the same time, pay more attention to the clever combination of the international trend of fashion, to provide young people with lifestyle and personality can reflect the rich products. Super strength, successful guarantee 1, a strong creative fashion design team and high-tech version of the room: timely grasp of the international fashion trend elements, fashionable products, and update speed, one step ahead in the product. 2, own factory, quality assurance: Own its own factory - Than Industrial Co., Ltd. and Belgium, the factory fully equipped, experienced workers, fine workmanship, high quality awareness. Factory long-term cooperation of the internationally renowned companies include: L'Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Nokia, etc., so that customers operate more stable and stronger! 3, senior operators, shop worry: perfect chain management mode of marketing, professional operation and supervision team, before opening, opening, after opening a full range of tracking, 10,000 stores uniform standards and services to help customers solve all before and after the operation problem. Product Category: Main categories: bags category (handbags, wallet) accounting for 50% -60% Potential categories: clothing accounted for 20% -30% Strong category: pull boxes / backpacks accounted for 20% -30% Extended categories: Boutique (watches, umbrellas ...) accounted for 10%