Celebrate Ye Liya Yueyang store grand opening

June 22, is a sunny Sunday, is a good day for our leisure and joy, but also Yeli Yueyang store opened a gratifying celebration of the day!

Ye Liya Yueyang store opening for the shopping and shopping friends to provide a good place to go, because here is not only good quality clothing, low prices, and the style of the majority of customers in line with the preferences of customers! Into the shop after wave of customers, the day sales are impressive!

Yiliya Yueyang shop proprietress - Ms. Heng, formerly engaged in bulk management, but considering the mixed bulk of the bulk market, the quality of clothes, workmanship can not be guaranteed, need to invest a lot of time and effort, mental and physical exhaustion. This allows Ms. Heng aware that this is not a long-term plan to switch to clothing to join


Ms. Heng, with her keen insight into the apparel market, found Ye Liya after a field trip. She found that Yeah Ya, whether it is the product, the price or service she was very satisfied with, not to mention the other, from the preparatory work for the opening, you can see Yeah Ya team passionate enthusiasm, such as the opening spree The delivery, shelving, apparel finishing and exhibitions, etc. Everything is organized.

We can supply you:

  • Various kinds of good quality patches
  • Fine workmanship
  • Welcome OEM&ODM service
  • Quick turn-around time
  • Reasonable and competitive price
  • Excellent customer service
  • Quick production
  • Fast delivery            

Material: embroidered patch, Chenille Patches, woven patches

Size: custom size

Color: any pantone colors are workable

Border: merrow border, hand cut border or heat cut border

Back attachment: paper coating, iron on, double-sided adhesive tape, Velcro back or no backing are all available.

Packaging: As customer`s request

Some more designs for reference.


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