White shirt with what color good-looking white clothing with tips

The weather is very hot, everyone's mood will be upset, busy all day in the office of working women will think of some ways to eliminate summer heat it? The women who are most concerned about work are naturally dressed and dressed. What to wear everyday is the first choice of daily topics. What color will you choose as the preferred summer? Let Xiaobian to introduce it, of course, is the first choice of white, and see how they are with the white bar.

Beili - BEYLEY Women

Irregular is always the way to show individuality, this white irregular shirt repair waist style with a black jacket, a brown shorts can easily get with.

白色上衣搭配什么颜色好看 白色服装搭配技巧

Beili - BEYLEY Women

Shirt is the flagship of professional women, this loose white shirt is still an irregular cut dress, slightly longer in front, slightly shorter behind, brown pleated skirt, amazing fashion elf.

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