Girlfriends installed cocoa 2014 new summer fashion girlfriends installed

Sisters wear outfit the complementary combination of always become the eye-catching street landscape. COCOON2014 summer new seems to have heard our aspirations, warmth out of the girlfriends out of the street, for the hurry fashion tide to create a confident Fashion Look!

Enthusiastic red costume, black and white classic elegant outfit, peach pink romantic type, fresh and elegant intimate style, are using different models of dress to the girlfriends of the perfect personality to perfect choice.

闺蜜装图片 可可尼2014夏季新款时尚闺蜜装

Founded in 2002, COCOON respected the exquisite and elegant attitude of the women in Chengdu. With exquisite workmanship and avant-garde retro fashion design style, COCOON creates unique "elegance, charm and temperament" of independent women. , Leading them to pursue a higher ideal of quality of life in the apparel industry to create a brand legend.

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