Gold champion jewelry launches thanksgiving father love activities

Big love is speechless, and father's love is silent. On the occasion of Father's Day on June 15th, the Golden Jewelry launched the "Thanksgiving Father's Love and Offering Gifts to Father's Day".

From June 11th to 15th, the price of gold champion jewellery gold jewelry is 15 yuan per gram on the basis of market price, 1 piece of gold jewelry is purchased for gold category; 1 year limited edition new diamond male ring, father's day Enjoy a 50% discount to show your father's honor; during the Father's Day, the top 20 men who enter the store every day will receive a gold-plated jewel sterling silver gift!

Express a love for your father in this festival full of love, and act now! Gold champion jewelry took the lead in the industry to create a new model of gold jewelry sales in the city's "physical store + online store", realizing the online price to buy gold, the first low-cost storm of Hong Kong city gold jewelry.

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