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Winter is the driest season in Beijing. In the next bus, the reporter's hand touched the door, "snapped," the static spark appeared. However, in the environment of flammable and explosive toxic and harmful gases (such as gas outburst and agglomeration, etc.) in the environment, and reaches a certain content in the air, then meet the static spark, just as it is triggered at the same time Mighty land mines can have extremely serious consequences. Therefore, the application of anti-static fabric and protective clothing, in some special areas of production, and to ensure that the production safety is more related. So, over the years, our country's anti-static fabric and related protective clothing production, what is a situation, the relevant standards What is the change? Reporters interviewed industry experts and related businesses. New standards: in line with international standards In 1989, China formulated the "anti-static overalls" standard, in 2009, this standard was revised, and the end of the year began to implement the new standard. This new standard adds technical requirements for antistatic fabrics and adds 10 technical requirements to fabric point-to-point resistance, fabric formaldehyde content, charged charge, etc., and meets European and American standards. For example, A-class fabric wash to achieve more than 100 times. Because the old standard requires the gap between the United States and the EU standards, China's anti-static protective clothing can only be exported to Japan and Southeast Asia in the past. The promulgation of the new standard will help improve the production level of our anti-static fabric and protective clothing and enhance the competitiveness of our products in the world. More than a year after the promulgation of the new standard, Hebei Sanyuan Textile Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Blue Sky Textile Garment Co., Ltd. have successively produced Class A anti-static safety protective fabric in line with GB12014-2009 "Anti-static Workwear" through "Integrated Innovation" , The end of our country does not have A-class anti-static fabric history. Big market: strong manufacturers began to deer antistatic fabric and the development potential of the clothing market, has attracted many textile manufacturers producing ordinary fabrics or apparel business, many people are trying to gain a share in this market. The market ebb and flow, making anti-static textile fabric market gradually clear latitude and longitude. Zhejiang Blue Sky Textile Garment Technology Co., Ltd., Hebei Sanyuan Textile Technology Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Yuanfeng Textile Technology Research Co., Ltd. and other enterprises into the first party team, in which the Blue Sky Blue Sea Zhejiang licensing series of anti-static security fabric Sales have been the first in the industry for 8 consecutive years. The production of anti-static textile surface of the three companies have their advantages. With nearly 20 years of anti-static safety protective fabric research and development and quality assurance system of Zhejiang Blue Sky Textile Garment Co., Ltd. technology, is completely after the reform and opening up the development of private enterprises, the market reflects the sensitive and full of vitality, and China Textile Science Research Hospital Jiangnan Branch set up a joint venture in the South Branch of China Textile Institute special fabric R & D center. Then both of them are from the restructuring of the former state-owned enterprises, with profound accumulation of talents and technologies and sound development. Reporter intends to Zhejiang Blue Sky Chen Mingqing blue hair company made it difficult: "You three in the market must be competitors myself ?!" Chen Mingqing responded with a smile: "We are competing partners." He also stressed: "Hebei source company Fang Shuji, chairman of the board, is my teacher and I respect him very much. "The reporter collected a conference material in Beijing and is the text of a speech entitled" 2011 China Innovation Forum on Security and Protection of Textile and Clothing Industries "held in Xi'an this year. The above shows that this meeting was sponsored by Shaanxi Yuanfeng Textile Technology Research Co., Ltd. and Yantai Spandex Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Blue Sky Co., Ltd. is the co-organizer. From this material and other news, the reporter seems to have sniffed another strong message: that is, Zhejiang Blue Sky Marine Company and Shaanxi Yuanfeng Company and other enterprises all have strong wishes and hope that the society will have more influence on this industry. More understanding of the safety and protection textile and garment industry bigger and stronger. In Zhejiang blue sky sea company, the reporter saw the display of anti-static protective clothing, the models are the body's clothing using the company "Lan Xiang. Aier Saite" fabric production, the production of these clothing companies have as many as a dozen. Among them, the industry's well-known protective clothing and Zhiye Zhuang enterprises in Jiangsu Yi Wo Co., Ltd., there is China's first production of anti-static protective clothing in Anhui Duoli clothing limited liability company. So, as a fabric manufacturer downstream, special labor protective clothing manufacturing business is what? National special labor protection supplies safety signs management center director Liu Xu Rong told reporters that the country holds a production of special labor protection clothing production enterprises have 285 garment workers in various types of special labor protection suits, anti-static protective clothing production is the largest of. However, there are only two garment enterprises capable of producing Class A protective clothing, and most garment enterprises are relatively weak. How to pull hands with downstream enterprises, standardize market behavior, occupy more domestic and foreign markets, to achieve the security and protection of textile and garment industry bigger and stronger vision? Chen Mingqing and other enterprises have a lot of thought at the helm.

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