Sweet Japanese style shoes in early spring to do retro Sen girl

This February 17 hearing, Mori Girl is the most popular fashion keyword in the near future. In the film “The First Time”, Angela Baby was a Mori girl under the stylist's creation, with clean makeup and knitwear. What about ethnic skirts, knit socks, and Japanese style shoes? Do you think that Look is very fresh and elegant? Do you want to be a Mori girl in spring and summer? It must have a pair of Japanese style shoes. Retro carved, tassels, buckles and bow elements, plus a comfortable flat heel or thick heel, as well as with plain colors, changing lines, gives us a different visual sense of monotony! This kind of fresh, natural and artificial Japanese shoes have brought you a brand-new feeling for becoming a Mori girl.

Army green flat shoes

Thick heels

Thick and low-heeled shoes

White flat shoes

Flat shoes

Brown flat shoes

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