La Redout controls the winter style

All kinds of 2012 spring and summer conference one by one perfect curtain call, those simple classic things repeatedly circulated, "World Wind" in the fashion world's popular make this season's fashion is a fusion of multi-national elements: a great gentry lapel double breasted The classical charm of the windbreaker coupled with the high collar knit sweater, filling the French romance and elegance; large pocket features western short paragraph jacket with casual trousers, making women a little lazy in the mature.

In this year's autumn and winter design of many brands , Lotoute (LaRedoute) with its rich and steady tone and fashion elements of "sculpture" approach to draw, attracted many people's attention. LaDedout (LaRedout) will take you calmly into the autumn and winter of 2011, firmly in control of this winter type.

乐都特女装 - La Redoute

[Bleak autumn color small suit]

乐都特(La Redout)把控今冬型格

Chromic small suit? That's right, the French elegance brought by LaRedoute is not the classic of the Middle Ages, but the perfect combination of the latest fashions. Autumn, how can a small suit? 2011, without a bright suit, willing to be confused with the background bleak autumn it ~ whether you are facing the computer prime muscle race all day, career queen Fan children's commuters, or wearing false eyelashes Hitomi Hitomi Meng women, LaDedoute bring 2011 autumn latest, gorgeous details of the elements, allowing you to reshape the noble aura, so that you light up this autumn, do not want to make you a big background, what are you waiting for?

【If you do not want to do the butterfly, then give yourself a touch of color】

乐都特(La Redout)把控今冬型格

Each girl hidden in the heart of a coastal style, elegant, far-reaching. Not everyone is suitable for a flower like a T-model. LaRedoute will skillfully condense a variety of colors, whether national or coast and Fan Yan, on a lace, a neckline and a necklace Scarves, so you do not actually use the seemingly understated color, showing the intellectual taste, highlighting the unusual fashion taste.

[Gentleman wind blowing in the woman]

乐都特(La Redout)把控今冬型格

Armed wind seems to hang forever, but the season of the wind, but this autumn and winter uniforms, not only the strong shoulder line design, not just the same Napoleon buckle, more is this winter LaDate (LaRedoute) bring gentleman wind , Small details as a whole even more highlights, simple European legislation legislation, exquisite metal buckle workmanship, warm and texture of both fabric selection, the trend is a matter of course being integrated into them. If you love the Royal Sister demeanor, then just with a pencil pants plus a pair of military air force and ankle boots, valiant gesture, Queen Look immediately; if you do not want too scared off the man around, just wear a lace retro Dresses, skirts vaguely exposed under the coat, the United States overturned in the moment; small hat, handsome chapter, a woman, the same gentleman up, the United States was high-end, so easy.

【Sweater, warm touch forever】

乐都特(La Redout)把控今冬型格

No autumn or winter will be sweaters, 2011, La Doed (LaRedoute) is brought across the cross-border design, refined and fresh and back to nature, nothing, more simple than simple. Pure, high-pressure, gorgeous co-existence, MIX brings MAX, whether it is conventional simple style, or arbitrary and sharp unique flowers, with a stylish silhouette, the wrestling of lines, elegant and rhythmic capture everybody's attention.
Each one is super big-name European and American Fan children a single product, whether in the office or out the street, can be like a duck, or deep atmosphere, or mysterious and noble; different styles, but also for every one of you different: Bat models loose design, long paragraph random length, whether you want to settle the small belly or a small thick legs caused by trouble, are free, no mistakes.

In this autumn season, LaRedoute (LaRedoute) with French elegance and romance, stationed in Taobao Mall, the French style, Taobao Mall brings a foreign mystery and beauty. In the flagship store, users can also learn that the original French designer's inspiration, the most "normal" with the guide, the latest quarterly release of clothing, users the most authentic experience sharing. Taobao Mall 2011 double 11 activities have also entered the sprint stage, this year's theme is universal online shopping Carnival. LaRedoute will also hit an unprecedented low discount,

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