Hundreds of millions of pride, Fortune world, billion Fulin administrative casual business wear

The "dragon" shows the leading position of the brand in the industry; the number "6" symbolizes the good moral meaning of the smooth development of the enterprise; the overall round shape symbolizes the prosperity and good fortune of the enterprise; the gold color symbolized noble in our country since ancient times is Dominant color, a symbol of the noble corporate brand and the buyer's social status; symbol of the overall rigid and flexible, generous and generous, highlighting the unique charm of the enterprise. Billion Fulin men's advertising slogan meaning: "Hundreds of millions of pride, Fortune world, billion Fulin administrative casual business wear." "Hundreds of millions of pride", literally speaking, the slogan of direct use of the brand's first "billion" words, highlighting the meaning of more money, billion Fulin brand also adopted the brand's first character, and more Easy to make consumers remember, unforgettable, "million" highlights the majority of money, "Hao" highlights the bold, pride, feel comfortable meaning, "love" reflects a kind of love, sincere feelings. "Blessing the world", "blessing" is to represent the great world, the world's huge, large and large meaning, "under" representative of all, come to the meaning of the advertising slogan as a whole means: to wear million blessing clothing, money, blessing , Wealth, good luck, all come on your body, but also the image of the billion Fulin Pro clothing, with a heroic, sincere feelings. Blessings and Hopes Everyone in the world owns billions of dollars in money. We wish and hope that all people in the world will live a prosperous, auspicious and happy life. May all human decency come upon all the people in the world.

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