"Love is happier" Du Haitao, Wu Xin Kadin shoes ad filming

In 2011 September, happy family members Du Haitao, Wu Xin high profile joined the Chinese children's shoes brand Kadin, Kadin brand image spokesman. After intense preparations by both sides, in October, Du Haitao and Wu Xin went to Xiamen to shoot new commercials for the Cardin brand. Select the celebrity fit with the brand image as the spokesperson is the first step in brand communication. How to make the spokesman and brand in the shortest possible time to complete the run-in, so spokesmen really understand and agree with the corporate culture, is the key to the completion of brand communication. The kardin brand spokesman Du Haitao, Wu Xin in the filming process, for Kadin "have a more happy" brand new ideas have a more in-depth understanding. The filming of commercials includes print ads and film and television commercials. It is understood that in the print commercials filming process, the two spokesmen will be usually funny, pro and exhaustive. Wu Xin, Du Haitao in the process of cooperation with the small models, not only to take care of children everywhere, but also did not forget to adjust the atmosphere on the scene, so that the entire studio lively, full of laughter. (Du Haitao, Wu Xin, intimate cooperation with small models) Du Haitao and Wu Xin are more pro-civilian than the average celebrity. The open studio has attracted a large number of tourists to stop and watch, and many tourists asked for a souvenir photo during their filming. When Du Haitao and Wu Xin were filming the commercials for children's shoes, the visitor Miss Zhang said: "No wonder this filming process seems so loving: fresh and lively, revealing an innocent childlike innocence of an adult." For two days Of the intense work itinerary, the two spokesmen for a variety of complex and trivial work have given a positive attitude. The filming of commercials embodied the brand culture and product appeal of Kadin, although the spokesman and Kadin did not disclose the creative idea of ​​the commercial. However, Du Haitao said that the filming of this commercial is different from the past. Love and happiness are always the themes of two days of work. They are always pursuing happiness and feeling the warmth of love. Therefore, full of delight can already ignore the fatigue of work. Filming from this commercial, he also learned more about Kadin's brand advocacy of "having more love and more happiness", and in fact it is also their attitude to life. (Lively and happy filming scene) Haitao and Wu Xin are not only hosts of Happy Camp, but also play host to the multi-file entertainment program of Hunan TV Station, and the cross-border film and television circle has a high reputation in the country. Its fans across the age limit, both by 80,90 after the welcome, but also by children's favorite. Through them, the idea of ​​"having love and being happier" is not only an interpretation of the Kadin brand, but also a publicity of an optimistic and positive attitude to life. Mr. Huang Chengcai, general manager of Kaddin (Fujian) Children's Products Co., Ltd., said that the lively and happy image of Haitao and Wu Xin pursues happiness and the brand spirit of love is very fit. With the extremely high influence and call of Happy Camp Force, the two presidents will join the Kardin brand marketing and terminal sales, inject strong vitality. It is reported that Kadin brand image ads will be broadcast in the spring and summer of 2012, and we look forward to Du Haitao and Wu Xin how to interpret "love more happy" attitude to life. DisplayAd ();

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