What are the new trends of "Chinese youth" from the local to New York Fashion Week?

In the past two years, the rise of the "national tide" has been two years. It is also the two years in which these "Chinese youths" who are in the trend culture began to make a sound.

On the one hand, local fashion brands have become more and more solid in terms of craftsmanship and design, and have begun to make many overseas markets start to look at Chinese brands. Some of them have already begun to emerge in well-known boutiques; On the one hand, more and more “Chinese design” began to make a sound in the four major fashion weeks – a stage that used to belong to overseas design in traditional impressions. No matter which side, it has done the Chinese design, and then from the "Chinese youth" to the "Chinese youth."

"National Tide", the "slightly" word that once made the domestic trend culture and the fans somewhat evasive, has become a way for everyone under the efforts of these "Chinese youths" The objective existence of re-examining it. When people talk about the "national tide" again, it is more to look forward to what new expectations will be brought about by this "trend".

And all of this is related to the "Chinese street culture" leaders such as PEACEBIRD, NPC, Li-Ning, CLOT, etc., as well as "New York Fashion Week China Day" (NYFW CHINA DAY) and participation Each of these "Chinese youths" is closely related.

In addition to the “China Design” itself, which is constantly iterative, in the eyes of the leaders of the current trend of Chinese cultural trends, how do we view the “Chinese youth” and how to continue to break through the self under the influence of these young people, thus continuing to promote China Trend culture is rising steadily?

This time, with the theme of "YOUTH MADE CHINA", the third season of New York Fashion Week China, co-sponsored by Centrino Fashion and the American Fashion Designers Association (CFDA), these leaders talked with us about "Chinese youth in New York" the opinion of.

"They are the source of strength for China to exert its influence on the world stage."

—— Fang Tao, founder and CEO of Centrino Fashion

The success of the three-season "China Day" made Fang Tao and his Centrino fashion more and more aware of Chinese youth. From the unprecedented loud noise of the first season and the glory of the second season, the third season directly returns to the "youth" itself on the theme, which is the best proof.

"The young people in my eyes come from different images. Especially after the 95s and 00s today, it is really the source of power that makes China more and more influential in the world today, and it is also the expectation of the future." During the quarter, although the brands that were shown during the "China Day" show were only peacebird men and NPCs, they were two brands that had caused or had a profound impact on today's "Chinese youth". It is also the best choice to present the theme of "YOUTH MADE CHINA" from two angles.

From the young trend Icon to the network reds, Fang Tao cited a number of examples to show people the "Chinese youth" in his eyes. It seems that there is no contact, even across multiple unrelated fields, but all in order to show He seems to be the uniqueness, independence and diversity of "Chinese youth."

"This generation is a generation that has not grown up under dogma."

—— Wang Mingfeng, general manager of peacebird men

As the PEACEBIRD men's line of peacebird men's first appearance in the fashion week, Wang Mingfeng and design director Xu Ying, presenting the extremely powerful artists Trouble Andrew and Hey Reilly on the social network together with the famous American cartoon IP "Sesame Street". It is also a new answer to the latest "Chinese Youth" generation.

The reason why we want to join hands with two street artists who are so "rebellious" as the target of cooperation, the starting point is also Wang Mingfeng's views on today's "Chinese youth." "The Chinese youth today are very different from the past. They are growing together in the global trend field. They are relatively open-minded and brave. They have a clear self-assertion, unlike the previous generation. It grew up under the dogma."

"They are more confident, more independent and more inclusive."

—— Li Chen nic & Pan Weibai, founder of NPC

Since becoming a military 10 years ago, the “trend” atmosphere advocated by NPC has been dominated by a friendly, innovative and open attitude. NEW PROJECT CENTER, the full name of the NPC brand, represents the attitude of their embrace of young power.

"The turning point was in the millennium, that is, after 00. The things they accepted from the beginning were completely different from those of us. The past 20 years, the generation of 10 years, now may be 3 years old." Li Chen nic When talking about his impression of the "Chinese youth" today, "They must be more confident, more independent and more inclusive."

The re-starting NPC will re-influence the new batch of "youth" with the design theme of "NOTHING GREAT COMES EASY" and "Human Landing", and it is also a milestone development after summarizing the past of NPC. "More Chinese traditional culture will be used to let a new generation of designers and even some young people from different industries come out."

In the 10 years since the NPC was founded, young people under the influence of Chinese trend culture have also undergone great changes. "Every trend has a turn-around. Instead, there is no special rule. Everyone is not following the rules, but they will have some new things to go to Mix-and-Match." With Li Chennic all the way, Pan Yibo also told us about this in his eyes. Ten years, these "Chinese youth" have the most significant changes.

If "China Day" is a stage that allows the world to pay attention to Chinese design, then the designers and brands who perform "performance" on this stage are a great opportunity for the world to re-recognize "Chinese youth." I believe that in the near future, more and more representative "Chinese youth" faces will stand on this stage enough to represent the "national tide" and let people change it again.

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