According to Jiayi women's simple style without losing the style of dress system

According to Jia Jia Yi Jia brand was founded in Japan in 1992, in Hong Kong in 1997 to set up "according to Jia Yi Jia ONEADDONEGOOD" International Marketing Center. And in 1999 formally authorized Shanghai Bingzheng Garments Co., Ltd. as "according to Jia Yi Jia ONEADDONEGOOD" distributor in China.


According to good according to Jiayi Women's brand, successful women as the blueprint to create a simple, elegant, hand-fine women's. Designers always look at the forefront of the popular, closely linked to the popular pulse; gold, silver, gray, white, black-based color; to be a special tailoring process; fashion, leisure, occupation and other elements of each other to form; Not only follow the trend, has its own unique style of pulse; fashion, mature, plump, intellectual women to create their own clothing, reflecting the contemporary urban women's independence, capable, simple and elegant. Well-known women's brand "according to Jia Yi Jia" clothing established a very modern, elegant highlight personality; simplicity without losing the style of dress system.


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