How to choose quality bedding mainly depends on fancy and fabric

Mainly look at fancy and fabrics. “Before buying bedding, you should first understand some basic concepts.” According to the introduction of professionals, the classification of bedding products is mainly in fancy and fabrics.

In general, from the pattern processing technology, bedding can be roughly divided into three categories of printing, embroidery and jacquard.

These three patterns each have different characteristics. Among them, the pattern of printed bedding products is printed after the cloth is woven, the color of the printed products is bright and bright, the variety of patterns is various, the fabric has excellent dustproof performance, high cleanliness and high color fastness, but the cost is higher than the pigment. The printing and dyeing is high; the embroidery bed pattern is embroidered by machine, the embroidery product has the characteristics of good breathability and moisture absorption; the pattern on the fabric of the jacquard bed is woven with yarn of different colors, compared with the embroidered fabric. Jacquard fabrics have higher cost and more complicated craftsmanship. The beds made of jacquard fabrics are softer and more delicate, with better gloss, better hand feeling, better quality and breathability, and higher.

How to choose quality bedding mainly depends on fancy and fabric


From the fabric organization, the bedding can be divided into three types: plain, twill and satin. The plain weave product features many interweaving points, firm texture, crisp and smooth surface. The appearance of the front and back sides is the same. The density of the plain weave fabric is not too high, it is light and thin, the wear resistance is good, the air permeability is good, and the twill is positive. On the reverse side, there is less interlacing point in a complete organization cycle, long floating line, soft touch, high density of tissue fabric, thick product, strong stereoscopic structure; satin fabric is soft, smooth and delicate, rich Gloss, its cost is higher than that of similar plain and twill products.

How to choose quality bedding mainly depends on fancy and fabric


The parameter measures the index of high-quality bedding. “To understand the quality of a set of products, you need to know the technical parameters of some bedding products. They are important indicators for measuring the quality of bedding products.” According to professionals, the technical parameters of general bedding products are shown below. three aspects:

The first is the count. The length of the yarn of 1 gram is called how many meters. For example, a cotton can be made into a 40-meter yarn, that is, 40. The higher the yarn count, the finer the yarn. The thinner the yarn is, the softer and more comfortable the cloth is.

Followed by density, density refers to the number of warp and weft yarns arranged in the unit length of the fabric. The higher the general density, the higher the requirements and cost of the manufacturing technology.

Finally, the shrinkage rate, enthalpy (measurement of fabric gloss) color fastness and whiteness, these are some technical indicators of the country's measurement of bedding. The shrinkage of the fabric refers to the percentage of fabric shrinkage after washing or immersion in the fabric. In general, the fabrics with the highest shrinkage rate are synthetic fibers and their blended fabrics, followed by wool and linen, and cotton fabrics are in the middle.

In addition, the products with better quality are even and even, the texture is fine, the printing is clear, the gloss is smooth, and the sewing is even and even. If the home textile product has uneven cloth surface, sparse texture, disordered pattern and rough sewing, the quality is difficult to guarantee, and the dimensional change rate and dyeing fastness of the washing may also exceed the standard.

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