Actress demonstration wig to help the long curly hair charm increase

Create romantic long curly hair

Wig accessories to create romantic long curly hair

Waterfall-like romantic long curly hair is on one side, it looks so tempting, but the hair and hair are always unsatisfactory. Don't forget the wisdom of the wig accessory, which can quickly increase the fullness of the curls. Think about it. When people around you praise "Your hair can be used to shoot shampoo ads," are you sure you can resist this temptation?

Fluffy hair root

Fluffy hair root

When the hair is dry, use your fingertips to pick up the styling that will make your hair full, evenly spread on the hair roots, and then blow the shape to make the original curls more fluffy.

Organizing hair pieces

Organizing hair pieces

The hair piece can be directly selected to have a hair curl and color similarity, or a straight hair piece can be selected and then rolled out by an electric roll bar, and the hair piece is combed smoothly with a special steel tooth comb before wearing.


Determine the location

Determine the location

Pick up the hair at the position above the ears of the back of the brain, and make a small tweezers on the lower sides as the basis for fixing the hair clips. Also note that the resulting hair piece is the same length as the hair itself.


Fixed hair piece

Fixed hair piece

Open the small clips at both ends of the hair piece and fix them on the root of the small tweezers. Make sure that there is no feeling of looseness and tightness. Put the hair on the top of the head down to ensure that the clip is not exposed.


Color hair band


The hair band can enhance the sweetness of the hairstyle, pinch the ends of the hair band, and twist at the top of the head, paying attention to the full curvature of the bangs.

Demonstration beauty star Zhang Wei

Do you usually use fashion wigs to make shapes?

I have a small amount of hair, hair clips, horsetail and other wig accessories and a fashion wig are all necessities of my usual style. I used to spend nearly 10,000 yuan to buy a Rebecca wig, although the price is not cheap, but it It is made by hand-woven with real human hair, especially the seam area is very realistic and it is very comfortable to wear.

How do you style with fashion wigs?

As an actor, sometimes I have to attend 3 events a day. I am a Gemini. I always hope that the style can change and change rapidly. In the first activity, I might use a hair piece to increase the amount of hair and make a noble curl. The second shape puts the hair together, puts on a wig, and looks clean and clean. At the third shape, my own The hair has not changed, just put on a stylish wig. And sometimes we just rushed to work from the plane, the time is very tight, wearing a wig directly can save a lot of time.

Shaping pretty short curly hair

Fashion wig shaping pretty short curly hair

Playful hair tips, fluffy curls, a wink, a smile, who said that only long hair is charming? However, don't think that everyone can rely on natural hair to have such a pretty hairstyle, wearing a sophisticated and feminine Rebecca short curly hair to help you quickly capture his heart, let you instantly mature and full of cuteness .

Wearing a mesh cap

Wearing a mesh cap

To wear a stylish wig, you need to fix it with a special net cap. Put the mesh cap around your neck. Just like wearing a headband, cover the entire head from the front to the back, and make sure that the end of the flange is stretched at the edge of the hairline.

Fixed mesh cap

Fixed mesh cap

Put all the hair in the net cap, don't miss a trace of broken hair, spread the hair evenly and evenly on the back of the head, compact it in the net cap, and finally pick up the ends of the net cap opening knot.

Adjust the wig

Adjust the wig

Make sure the bangs are aligned above the forehead, adjust the triangle "ears" on both sides to ensure that the sides are aligned, the front mesh edge is aligned with the forehead hairline, the wig is fully fitted to the head, and there is no tightness or looseness.

Finishing style

Finishing style

Use your fingers to set the bangs and curls out of the ideal arc. The wig made of real hair can use a small amount of styling spray to make the curl more durable and more fluffy. Fluffy short curly hair looks retro, and you can wear a pair of fluffy false eyelashes with a black eyeliner.

Rebecca假发设计师 田亮
Rebecca wig designer Tian Liang

Tian Liang

Rebecca wig designer

How should wigs be treated?

Cleaning the wig depends on the frequency of use and the cleanness of the wig. The cleanliness of the scalp also affects the cleaning frequency of the wig. It is usually best to wash it for about 15 days. The wig purchased at Rebecca has a free care service. of.

How to choose a wig?

Material selection

Good wig material, feels cool, soft and smooth, and it doesn't fall off and knot. As a raw material, all human hair is collected from unburned girls, ensuring that the damage to the hair is negligible. 100% of people's hair products are most comfortable and natural to wear, and the price is relatively higher;

Hair color

The warmer shades balance the oriental yellow tones and make the face look brighter;

Selection process

The manufacturing process of the wig is divided into all hand-woven, semi-manual, semi-mechanical and full-mechanism. The hand-knitted is more light and thin, and the air permeability is the best.

Selection size

The size of the wig should be suitable for the size of the head, and it should be comfortable to wear, no obvious dullness, and the internal shape is ergonomic. Just like we choose underwear, we must try on it to determine whether it is suitable for our size.

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