Can you accept it after paying for it?

[China Glass Network] Business shouted: spend money on maintenance <br> <br> into the Nanchang Square Nanlusuning electronics store, broadcast in the loop "Sunshine package" of advertising.

What is the "sunshine bag"? The sales staff of the mall said that in the case of no increase in price, after purchasing the "sunshine package", the "full warranty service" for a longer period of two years can be provided. The whole machine and main parts are in the scope of free maintenance, and promised " Difficult to repair the replacement, priority for consumers to choose to replace the same brand of the same model of the product, consumers do not have to pay any additional fees. In addition, the warranty coverage of the extended warranty is broader. For example, performance failures caused by voltage instability, dust, heat, internal humidity, condensation, etc. are generally not covered by the manufacturer's warranty, and can also be free of charge. The cost will vary depending on the price of the purchased home appliance. When the reporter expressed the wish to carefully review the specific content, it was rejected. The salesperson said that the content of each agreement will vary according to the purchase of home appliances, and the price will be different, there is not much comparison.

In the neighboring Gome, the extended warranty service is called “home security” and the slogan claims “repair zero cost”. Sales staff said that compared to Suning, Gome's extended warranty service can be as long as three years. Take Supor electrical appliance as an example. If you purchase a product of 199 yuan, it will cost 25 yuan to extend the one-year warranty period, 40 yuan in two years, 70 yuan in three years, and the product of 899 yuan will cost 80 yuan to extend the one-year warranty period. 150 yuan for two years, 210 yuan for three years. The salesperson said that the purchase of extended warranty is equivalent to buying an insurance for the appliance, and the main components are within the scope of maintenance.

Although the extended warranty content is tempting, in reality customer acceptance is limited. “Obviously, consumers still don’t generally accept paid services. Everyone usually thinks that after purchasing a certain product, after-sales service should be free, so the extension of warranty service is very slow. In order to promote extended warranty service, the mall sells The staff also issued hard indicators, selling 'sunshine packs' according to five thousandths of sales. The previous regulations will be punished if they fail to complete the task, but the rules for closer punishment have been cancelled." An unnamed name Suning Appliance staff told reporters, "At present, Suning's 'Sunshine Pack' will provide an official invoice, but Gome only provides an agreement."

Association reminds: beware of being fooled <br> <br> compared with the internal security service, extended warranty service solves maintenance problems beyond the warranty period. However, since the extended warranty service has just been introduced to the Chinese market for less than two years, there are still many irregularities. Not long ago, the Consumer Council of Wanzhou District of Chongqing issued the No. 1 consumer warning to remind consumers not to be fooled by the “extended warranty” of the merchants.

This consumer warning reminds consumers that the “package repair” in the “three guarantees” of the state mainly refers to the maintenance of goods in the “three guarantees” period, except for the improper use or improper storage of the goods. When the consumer can pay no fee, the manufacturer should provide a completely free repair service. There is no word "warranty" in the relevant "three guarantees" regulations of the state. "Warranty" can be understood as "guarantee repair", "guarantee repair", etc., but not necessarily free. The words “extended warranty” indicated on the invoice by the merchant are consciously linked to the words “National Three Guarantees Regulations” to carry out the concept of stealing, so that consumers understand that “extension guarantee” is to extend “three guarantees”. If the mall actively proactively extends the "three guarantees" is to improve the quality of after-sales service, there is no relevant regulation for charging the "extension warranty" fee. In fact, after the "extended warranty" fee is collected, the fee charged by the mall to the consumer will not be less. The "extension" fee is the money that the mall wants to circle the consumer. The consumer does not pay the "extension" fee, and the mall has an obligation. Undertake after-sales service.

In response to this statement, the reporter consulted the Provincial Consumers Association Complaints Department, the person in charge said Wan Hao, has not received any complaints about the extended warranty of home appliances in our province. However, Wan Hao said that the extended warranty service launched by Gome, Suning and other businesses as a commodity, although mature in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and China's Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions, but in China's mainland, extended warranty services As a service commodity, there is still a lack of corresponding quality, price, re-guarantee standards and regulatory systems, thus causing problems such as different business standards, misalignment of dominant powers and increased difficulty in handling complaints.

At present, the problem of consumer extended warranty service rights can only be resolved through consultation with merchants through local consumer associations, but the results are often not ideal. Therefore, consumers must keep their eyes open when buying these paid services. The promise is confusing.

Expert advice: need to tailor

It is understood that in developed countries, extended warranty services have become very popular. In the United States, for example, extended warranty services have been in existence for more than 40 years, involving household appliances, automobiles, houses, entertainment, and leisure products. The purchase of extended warranty services has become a habit of consumers and integrated into people's daily consumption. At present, the extended warranty service for home appliances has reached 40% in Europe and America, and the purchase rate of IT products such as computers has reached more than 85%. The higher the value of products, the higher the purchase rate of extended warranty services.

Experts suggest that the purchase of extended warranty services should be tailored, such as LCD, plasma TV and other products with high prices, unstable use quality and longevity, and high maintenance costs. It is more necessary to purchase extended warranty. However, water heaters, range hoods, electric pressure cookers and other products that involve personal safety, but the quality and installation of the products still have certain hidden dangers can also be considered for purchase. However, some appliances with relatively stable performance, such as traditional CRT TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc., consumers can choose according to the actual situation. In addition, 3C consumer products such as mobile phones and computers are being updated quickly, and whether they need to purchase extended warranty, consumers can be flexible.

Although the parties to the extended warranty service have different opinions, the extended warranty service has begun to enter the Chinese market as an “imported product” and will certainly be accepted by more and more consumers. Perhaps in the near future, the extended warranty service will take on the responsibility of the “terminator” in the era of free after-sales service. Perhaps we will really understand the true meaning of “there is no free lunch in the world”.

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