How to make a sweater with a round neck

As a beginner. No computer software. There is no image analysis, you can learn from two aspects, while learning and practicing. Gradually understand and master the method of calculating the garden collar. First of all, the round neck is a half garden. The back collar width is equivalent to the diameter, and the collar depth is equivalent to the radius. Straight position is equivalent to half a flat position. The rest is the arc of the needle reduction. You can use the garden plan to draw a 1:1 half garden to study it carefully. Generally speaking, the reduction of the needle can be divided into three parts. It can also be divided into four parts. You can draw width and height on each of the three levels of the needle reduction. Calculate its number of stitches and the number. (Using wide and horizontal density, using high and direct density) and then reducing the needle. Because of its different slopes, the number of stitches and the number of each level will be different. For example, 1--2X8=8 2--2X5=10 3--2X3=9 Straight K. This is actually the image parsing method. Also called the proportional distribution method. ( progressive method).
two. If you really can't understand this method. Just rote me. 1, the median can be between 32 and 38 percent. If the median stays 32%. Then the first part should have a step 1--3 2 to 3 times.
Third, when the needle is divided into three steps. Do 2 needle reductions. Divide the needle to be divided into six equal parts. Reduce 3 copies for the first time. The second time is reduced by 2 copies. The first time is reduced by 1 share. For example, you need to reduce 30 stitches. Divided into six parts, each with 5 needles. The first step is 3 times 5 needles = 15 needles. However, the 15-pin can not be opened, and the opening is reduced by 14 stitches. Do 1--2X7=7
The second step is that two copies are 10 needles for 2--2X5=10.
The third step is 5 stitches, which cannot be reduced. Can do 6 needle reduction. Do 3--2X3=9 ..
This method of rote memorization, one learning, one one, slow and inaccurate. Still can't find the law. Learned to be dizzy. This is where our process needs are in urgent need of improvement.

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