Mary Garland boutique underwear inspired by the French fashion

France Mary Garland on the underwear fashion inspiration, from French women on the quality of life and the pursuit of romance, and brings together the medical, fat, ergonomic and professional underwear design principles, the development of science and technology products. After careful calculation and design, it can maintain, adjust the body, focus, fixed fat, and righting the spine, orthodontist body posture, for people who are not ideal body to make modifications and adjustments, and make the ideal person to continue to be good figure. Our latest Mary Garland 2010 autumn and winter series is tailor-made according to the characteristics of the oriental women, for the eastern fashion, healthy and sexy women, create a beautiful and wonderful life.

玛丽嘉兰精品内衣 来自法国的时尚灵感

The Marymary Research Center is the first to remind people to adjust the underwear to improve the beautiful chest. To date, it has developed a wide range of related products and has provided assurances of quality and care while making an immense contribution to mankind.

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