Unparalleled brand of children's clothing for young people to provide fashion casual four seasons clothing program

Zhejiang Unparalleled Clothing Co., Ltd. (Boca International), the domestic operations headquarters is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the logistics center located in the "children's capital of China", covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters, is a collection of apparel design, product display , Price positioning, marketing, advertising, management, services as one of the major garment enterprises. The company was formally established in 2000, its brand of juvenile wear BCOBI (unparalleled), has always been riding the forefront of the apparel industry, "Kai Milo" brand has been "Huzhou City, a well-known trademark" award. The company always adhere to the "unity and hard work, pioneering and innovative" spirit, and constantly promote technological innovation, increase design and development efforts to strengthen team building, optimize the allocation of resources, and fly by the development of China's garment industry a strong east wind for customers and consumers with To high-quality products and technical services, in 2008 the company has passed ISO9000 international quality system certification and won the "top ten best children's wear design team", "children's wear enterprises advanced production safety units", "a strong demonstration of children's wear in 2010 Enterprise "and many other awards, and now the company's products sell well throughout the country, many provinces and cities in the country have loyal customer base, so that more people enjoy the" unparalleled "high-quality products and services. Brand Description: "Unparalleled metaphor" is a self-confident, lively and energetic modern youth, providing "health, fashion, leisure and vitality," the four seasons dress program, and strive to show the city's cutting-edge youth life. Product fabric, color, style selection and design to meet the psychological characteristics of modern youth, to achieve popular and practical echoes, fashion and health coexistence of the concept. Currently sales network throughout the country market, respectively, to take direct sales stores, provincial agencies, regional agents, franchising marketing, more than two years to develop branch offices, terminal stores more than 400, is expected in the next few years , The national shop will increase to more than a thousand. Product positioning: size range: 90 ~ 120 Price Positioning: Spring and summer 49 ~ 129 (price tag) 130 ~ 170 autumn and winter 120 ~ 499 (price tag)

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T/C Printed Fabric

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