Korean version of windbreaker coat with children's coat What color look good 2013 autumn and winter new

As the climate changes, we feel more and more, the early arrival of autumn and winter seasons, our preferred dress is upscale trench coat to decorate our autumn and winter, the coat is basically the color of the dark, especially significant maturity, However, how the children's windbreaker with the color how to pick it? The following we introduce children's clothing and windbreaker one by one with the selection of colors. Photo credit: Winnie B Bikini 2013 autumn and winter new girls childhood parents like to help them dress up a beautiful, powdery doll costumes, particularly lovable, but the girl's windbreaker can also be light-colored Department of Lord, can highlight the cute girl, well-behaved. Mint green windbreaker, light-colored look very fresh and bright, light the entire boring autumn and winter. Photo credit: Winnie B Bikini 2013 autumn and winter new boy's windbreaker is always handsome, pull the wind dress, dark gray color, orange stitching embellishment, dark gray appears not too boring monotonous, double-breasted woolen trench coat Design adds a stylish element, with a khaki casual pants, a pair of canvas shoes, clever beauty enough to catch the eye.

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