Mid-aged women, what color to wear good-looking Mid-Autumn Festival to send mum grape purple single elegant elegance

Autumn in August, late autumn and early autumn is the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is time to prepare for the autumn friends, beauty you are preparing for new products at the same time, is it right? Should also be their own mothers to set up new clothes, spend Mid-Autumn Festival? Middle-aged women what color to wear good-looking, Mid-Autumn Festival to send mom what clothes, Bi Yang women grape purple single elegant elegance!


Bi Yang women fall new

Grapevine is one of the most set off the color of the color system, the neckline cut easily relaxed style, exquisite embroidery process embodies the oriental women elegance, cuff micro-see-through fabrics to mothers who are stylish, revealing subtle aesthetic fashion !

中年女性穿什么颜色好看 中秋佳节送妈妈葡萄紫单品优雅显气质

Bi Yang women fall new

For mothers, embroidery seems to be the classic never-to-be outdated, exquisite embroidery embroidered high temperament, high waist dress easily reduced age, this dress is also a mature woman's favorite Oh!

Flocked Cloth

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