Summer mix wind shorts with T shirt oxygen beauty eye surgery

More and more influx of people, mix and match has become popular, and shorts in the summer is the best control with a single product, fashion, leisure, retro, fresh, are free to control. Small and exquisite cute goddess wear shorts can be significantly thinner, tall girls wear, slender legs can kill otaku. Oxygen summer to do beauty, fashion, casual collocation in how less shorts?


FAY-FAYEE - Faye 2013 summer new

T-shirt with a trace of Lolita cotton T shirt, fluffy shoulder design and classic round neck with a perfect fit, self-cultivation cut extremely convex body line, beautiful wavy lace delicate cute, light green shorts with Leisure without losing the fashion sense of youth, the same color belt decorative white shirt, the overall color with perfect harmony, leisure reveals a cool and comfortable.

夏季混搭风 短裤配T衫 氧气美女吸睛术

FAY-FAYEE - Faye 2013 summer new

Nude color chiffon shirt clear and cool, large cuff design is also integrated into the delicate lace embroidery, elegant noble temperament can not help but show. Part of the neckline lace is also spliced ​​to create a casual sense of folds, loose body is a thin weapon, with a small blue shorts, leisurely shape without losing the vitality of youth.

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