Jade's health care function for the human body

First, the trace elements of jade have health effects

According to modern biological, physical and chemical analysis, many jade materials contain various trace elements beneficial to the human body, such as gold, silver, silicon, zinc, iron, selenium, magnesium and manganese.

Jade is worn on the body for a long time. It is in contact with the human body. These trace elements enter the human body and balance the trace elements in the human body. For example, zinc can activate insulin, regulate energy metabolism, maintain the body's immune function, promote children's intellectual development, and have anti-cancer, anti-distortion, anti-aging effects. Manganese can fight the damage caused by free radicals, participate in the synthesis of proteins and vitamins, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, anti-aging, prevent Alzheimer's disease, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis and so on.

Second, the health effects of the magnetic field effect of jade

Tests have shown that jade also has a special "photoelectric effect." During the test drive pressure, cutting and finishing of the grinding process, this effect will focus on the energy storage to form an "electromagnetic guide", and emit a strong resonance that can be slightly rubbed by the cells in the human body. Improve the function of the microcirculation system, so that the human blood circulation is accelerated and the metabolism is improved, the cell tissue is activated, the precise operation of the meridian qi and blood is regulated, the rapid response is enhanced, and the immune function of the human body is improved.

Third, the health care role of jade on acupoints

The bracelet is worn on the wrist and has acupuncture points such as inner seal and outer seal. The friction and weight of the bracelet will have an effect on the acupoints such as Neiguan and Waiguan, which will accelerate the blood circulation of the arm, soften the blood vessels, help the body to discharge toxins, and treat the periarthritis of the shoulder.

Fourth, jade bracelets help to lose weight and bodybuilding

As everyone knows, among the women in the East, such as Pakistan, India, and some ethnic minority areas in Yunnan, especially the girls, most of them are light and slender, and they are handsome and beautiful. It turned out that they intentionally or unintentionally adopted a simple and practical way to maintain their body shape. Their right-handed forearms are tightly strapped with a beautiful jade bracelet, which is always alive and well, so the body shape is always graceful.

Medical experts explained: After special research, it was found that some of the nerve centers of human beings are located in the forearm, and the jade bracelet can be pressed slightly, and the photoelectric effect and trace elements of the jadeite will be emitted to the human body, especially the thyroid nerves. Shock, promote glandular secretion; strengthen the body's catabolism, thus helping to maintain the slim and beautiful shape.

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