Wearing a crystal necklace has become a fashion and social need

crystal necklace

Choosing a crystal necklace is essential to achieve a harmonious and balanced aesthetic.

The human face is in the center group that the human body wants to beautify, and it is the location of important features. Because of this, the collar style of the garment, the length and length of the necklace, can not be underestimated for the face of a high-speed person. Crystal necklaces have many possibilities for changing face, neck and creation effects. For most women, a short necklace makes the face wider and the neck thicker. Therefore, it is advisable to wear this necklace for long faces and long necks. However, it is worth noting when wearing a multi-string necklace, as it may make the neck that is too long and thin and conspicuous. The ultimate goal should be to supplement the wearer's face and personality, rather than focusing on the characteristics of the crystal itself.

Necklaces are often worn by women whose necks are not as beautiful as they wish. In fact, this reduces the value of the necklace because it draws attention to places that people don't want to pay attention to. Most women are also sensitive to minimal physical defects and are over-expected to eliminate or weaken these parts so that the crystals are rarely noticed.

In short, a person with a long face and a thin neck wearing a string of crystal necklaces or flower chains will give a feeling of widening the face and thickening of the neck, while a woman with a round face or a short neck wears a long necklace, or inside. Paired with a string of smaller necklaces, or a "chicken heart", will make people feel the face stretched, resulting in a harmonious new balance. People with elliptical faces will look more attractive no matter which necklace they wear.

Chinese women are known for their traditional hobby of wearing crystal necklaces. Nowadays, wearing crystal necklaces has become a fashion and social need. I hope that you can choose a crystal necklace that matches your personality according to your face, personality and clothing.


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