Demingst children's clothing brand franchisee training station has come to a successful conclusion

De Munsite children's wear in the team building, operation and management of continuous improvement, there have been major moves. The first stop of the winter clothing training activities of DEmister children's clothing brand in Chengdu was held in Chengdu in the first place. The major districts in the country will be successively carried out. Several outstanding franchisees and elite managers in the Chengdu area took part in the training. In order to allow franchisees to more directly use their display skills in their shops and how to allocate goods, identify the selling points of various sections of clothing, effectively and effectively improve the franchisee shop sales and marketing capabilities, De Munster children's clothing company held the training session , Held in Chengdu on December 3, invited industry experts to distributors to share successful experiences. In the future there will be plans, steps, sub-regions to organize similar training activities to train more retail professionals, in order to enhance the terminal performance, build brand reputation, to create the lead children's clothing Demount. In order to make Devons children's franchisee all-round promotion, this training not only experts explain, but also hands-on aspects of practical operation, set the clothing picking, display collocation, related selling points, fabrics and other related theoretical knowledge Presentation with actual presentation. Not only can deepen franchisees knowledge of the memory point, it is to franchisees face to face understanding of their own understanding.

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