Warm congratulations on the name of beautiful pants Dongguan Wanjiang South Moore days and department stores opened

December is what day? I can not help but lament the beginning, this has also been a fourth of it, the name of the United States and pants with good affinity ah, Dongguan, has recently opened a fourth store, December 22, Dongguan City in Jiang Huanan days and department stores in Moore The second floor of the United States and the United States also grand opening of the shop, the good news constantly, not only the efforts of the United States and the United States is the support of new and old customers will be well-known US follow-up.


Beauty pants opened the new store to send you a gift package slightly, grateful to send non-stop, wear the most skinny, the most fashionable pants, women must be confident, the figure is to wear out, not pick the pants to see, look Less than the favorite pants, then to the United States to see it.


Famous costumes originated in China, located in Guangzhou, designed specifically for women who advocate freedom and fashion, she emphasizes a life attitude, a fashion spirit, leading a generation of people wearing habits, serve the intellectual women around the world.

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