Boss Men's Boss Men's 2013 autumn and winter new series continues to go hot

Boss Men's Boss Men's 2013 autumn and winter 2013 new listing, new design flagship "exquisite business, fashion business, fashion and leisure" fashion elements. From the 2013 autumn and winter new series of highlights design style point of view, emphasizing the details of the popular elements to do low-key and unexpected structure handling. Interpretation of the Boss Knows Boss brand unique elegance and balance. The harsh and serious business atmosphere on weekdays has been given a whimsical creative interpretation, delivering a fresh, refined lifestyle and a relaxed, humorous gentleman mood. Boss gave us half awakened living space into the classic extravagance of the fragrance of elegance, interpretation of soul-stirring grace graceful and proud of the shame tomorrow. March 20, 1828 The history of German fashion is sure to record a remarkable place: a new fashion house in Dresden's thriving fashion district ends with its unique and stylish look Design instantly become a shiny scenery in the neighborhood. Named Kaiser Abdul Hamid, in the next few decades, exquisite German fashion history will be here to be decorated, is depicted, was interpreted. Gorgeous quality and sophisticated design laid the perfect aristocratic Kaiser Abdul Hamid. After World War II, the Kaiser Abdul Hamid Haute Couture was forced to shut down. After East and West Germany reunified in 1990, Boss Anjerasu, the great-grandchild of founder Michale Anjerasu, immediately re-entered the Kaiser Abdul Hamid store, And registered BOSS ANJERASU fashion brand under his own name. Originally, the shop operated many different types of goods. In order to establish the flagship product of his own brand, Mr. Boss Anjerasu chose to develop and produce the more popular men's clothing at that time. Since then, one Loud brand. A period of mythical legend began the interpretation of the times.

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