How to wash jeans? Legendary cowboy has something to say!

A look of the old, and even a little dirty denim clothes, you can glimpse the traces of years of memorable. A look a little unruly, but full of tenderness and love of jeans, you can meet is the passionate future. Legendary cowboy, is an irresistible trend to occupy the hearts of people in the hearts of the core position, or even worship the realm. Legendary cowboy again in this winter blowing the most stunning cowboy style, when the fans to the rapid development of a prairie fire after the most heard voice is: how to wash jeans? "Cow" have you heard it? This is a "Fashion" term, which means that through the daily wear and care of the jeans owner, the original stereotyped jeans wear unique personality. But if someone told you that "cattle" need a year and a half are wearing the same piece of jeans do not leave the body, and "absolutely can not wash," you still "stick" down? This is not a nausea joke, denim brand in the famous jeans care instructions, there really "continuous wear six months," "try not to wash," the kind of phrase. This is really no problem? Jeans really dirty the better? The situation does not seem so optimistic. Numerous kinds of invisible dust mites are floating in the air in our lives, and there are countless bacteria in our fingers and intestines. There may be fungi on our feet - no matter when and where The microbes are with you. One of the basic functions of clothing is to protect us from the outside world. Such as the hospital use of masks, white coats, surgical clothing and the like, is used to separate the pathogenic microorganisms and the outside world. Under a strict disinfection system, medical fabrics perform their task well and become a good barrier to aseptic handling. But life, most people do not take the kind of hospital disinfection of their own clothing, such as life-saving practices. Due to the heat, perspiration and dander that the body exudes, it provides relatively suitable conditions for many living things, including bacteria, fungi and mites, which may make the clothing their carrier. Data show that used clothing per square centimeter has 100-1,000,000 cfu (colony forming units) of the microorganisms, although most are harmless, but there is no shortage of Staphylococcus aureus, Shigella bacteria are the existence of these pathogens . Dirty denim, will let us and the germs infected by chance? As mentioned above, there are many microorganisms in the clothes that are passed through, but there are many factors that affect their survival, such as the type of clothing fiber, temperature, humidity, etc., and whether we wash it or not. Proper washing of clothes can drastically reduce the amount of bacteria, fungi and mites in them, and they can be worn for a long time to provide micro-organisms with rich dander, sebum and other messy stuff that may maintain their quantity to some extent And even breed more. Of course, does the microbial-carrying clothing surely make us sick? There are a lot of related factors, from the type of microorganisms to the wearer's health habits, physical condition and so on. A pathogen-laden jeans may not be able to make a healthy host infection, but the risk of insisting on non-wash is obvious, as if persist after breakfast. In addition, whether it is the official website of jeans or network communication, are mentioned, "how serious the taste of jeans." The "taste" of this thing, largely from the metabolites of microorganisms, put it plainly is "Bacteria." A lot of "cattle" guideline refers to the use of flapping, hanging hanging or even frozen into the refrigerator to remove the smell on the jeans, which can inhibit or reduce the microorganisms to some extent, so that they can not pull out for a while "粑 粑". But the effect of disinfection and sterilization can not be expected. Legendary cowboy is not with the cattle family, and cowboy big-name counter-counterfactual - but really concerned about the health of fans ~ pros and cons have been analyzed, how to do, I do not say, you know!

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