Summer color with a one-third visual weight loss weight loss

The beauty of color is not intended to make you appear to double the skin, lift two percent, lose one-third visual weight, but let you find your own charm at the same time reap the joy of fashion.

美诗缇 - MIXTIE

Let the black dominate everything, no praise can interpret it in place.

It is not jewelry, but dazzling; it is not extravagant power, but proudly eye-catching! From lace to dress, from veil dress to sweater, even if only a pair of black high heels or a handbag, but also make you full of style.

夏日色彩搭配 体重减轻三分之一的视觉秘密

Fall in love with lemon yellow, it is as warm as bathing sunshine.

Let it be your distinctive fashion attitude, the most dazzling existence in your life.

夏日色彩搭配 体重减轻三分之一的视觉秘密

White, to lead the shining white, classic and charming.

Even in time bowed in its light. Your charm, you call the shots!

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