MARLOCA Man Lu card women's 2013 autumn and winter new Appreciation will be

Dongguan City, Han Clothing Co., Ltd fashion women's brand MARLOCA Man Luka , will be June 28, 2013 -30 days in China's fashion city - Humen, Dongguan, the theme of the hotel Rhine Hotel "Vasa Tosca Satisfied "2013 autumn and winter fashion tasting. The meeting will invite new and old customers, the majority of dealers, franchisees and fashion colleagues to watch the front desk, new tasting guests sign in time for June 28 8: 00-17: 30, then welcome to visit the guide, witness the vine Luca MARLOCA's glory!


This season's new product will have more than 300 models, the fashion series of sunshine holidays, the charm of the modern series of three major cities. Fashion series focus on the different feelings of urban women on the trip, the main color to pink and plum-red, with color black, white, apricot. Elegant series focuses on winter fashion party series, friends and other occasions, the main colors to blue, green, supplemented by black, white, yellow, breaking the traditional dull colors, bright colors to create the winter dynamic dance steps. Modern series of yellow and khaki-based design to show the personality of fashion-based, committed to creating high-end lifestyle taste of women's dress style.

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