Bess Filipe underwear allows you to use the most beautiful stature ho flower into the world

The rapid pace of life, often make us forget their own existence, began to become neglected all the important things and things, to pay tribute to the quality of life, live out of attitude, live out self, Bess Fitzgerald professional bra adjustment, romantic Flower EMBROIDERY, let you use the best stature into the flower world!


Exquisite embroidery, water-soluble LACE, gorgeous top quality, light and breathable soft touch, the use of antibacterial cotton lining material, play an anti-bacterial protection, all natural dye safe and secure, 3 rows 4 buckle elastic, Fully traceless!

贝丝菲格内衣 让您用最美好的身形歩入花海世界

With the latest Parisian elegance, elegant embroidery embodies craftsmanship all in one stitch embodies the perfect, sexy and noble women. Lining materials using magnetic fiber cloth, the release of magnetic field tenderness chest meridian, regulating blood circulation!


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