betu commute Diary bright color Monday

Weekend to wash away the tired, need a lot of energy on Monday to start a new trip, may wish to choose fresh and bright colors, get rid of black Monday, giving a fresh look, had a fresh and joyous colored Monday. Clothing color is a can improve age, conditioning color, and even about the mood of knowledge. BETU 100 plans summer wardrobe, to create fashion commute diary, with different lightness of color, giving a different psychological experience. Bright colors will bring people a good mood relaxed.

百图 - BETU

More charming than the red, a bit more than purple, which is peach red. It is a blend of sexy, noble, charming, dynamic and other elements, it is infinite fascination. Pink summer in the pink section of a little pink feminine atmosphere, the female skin can be lined with healthy rosy, very suitable for all kinds of color of the women wearing.

betu 通勤日记  一抹亮色周一

A touch of orange is like a sunrise to sunset beauty, giving a sense of soft and moving. With a touch of elegant cool color, weakened the degree of brightness brought to the heat, more than a few cool and comfortable.

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