21 degrees brand apparel: price down this winter is a trend down jacket, bird feather industry is very hurt

According to Xinhua News Agency reported that these days, over the counter in our country back to the newly slaughtered chickens and poultry, live poultry trading market gradually resumed operations. "After the resumption of live poultry trade, the acquisition of raw wool will also become easier and easier." Yang Cheng, chairman of Jiangxi Chenglong Down Products Co., Ltd., which has been suspended for more than a month, said.

China is the world's largest producer and consumer of down. After the outbreak of bird flu, the live poultry market in many provinces closed down level by level, the sales of poultry products plummeted, which directly affected the supply of raw hairs in the down industry and had a clear impact on the down industry. Reporter in-depth Jiangxi, Zhejiang and some large-scale down processing and production base interviewed learned that in April and May, due to a serious shortage of supplies, the acquisition from the original wool down to the feather products appeared "double market."

Xiaoshan District, Xiamen City, Zhejiang Xintang streets are well-known down distribution center, the country has nearly 70% of the original wool processing here. After the bird flu occurred, the local government demanded that the acquisition of raw wool should be stopped on the hardest hit areas of bird flu such as Shanghai and Anhui. Down companies suffered serious shortage of raw materials.

Located in the feather distribution center in the southern region of Fengcheng City, tugboat down Jiangxi Ice Down Co., Ltd. factory, there is no busy working scene. "Little raw material is not enough, workers do half a day." Yang Bin, chairman of the plant pointing to the plant, said: "In the past here is too much cargo 'plugs can not fit in.'"

Hangzhou Hualong Down Products Co., Ltd., with an annual output value of 1 billion yuan, is a large and medium-sized export-oriented down-export enterprise in Xiaoshan. Over 70% of the company's original wool is acquired domestically. Han Danhong, director of the workshop, said shipments in a month were a few dozen tons less than before.

Because "a hair hard to find", some companies chose to stop production. Reporter in Jiangxi Cheng Long Down Products Co. plant saw, in addition to sporadic scattered on the ground duck feathers, several dozen meters high feather sorting machine has long been out of operation. From the end of April the company chose to stop production, leaving more than a hundred workers.

The price of raw wool caused by double the price of down products have gone up. "In April and May, cashmere volume of 90% down from the previous 300,000 yuan / ton soared to 600,000 yuan / ton; cashmere volume of 80% from 230,000 yuan / ton soared to more than 500,000 yuan / Ton. "Chen Xinhui, chairman of Jiangxi Xinhui Down Products Co., Ltd. said.

Bird flu on the trauma caused by our feather industry is like dominoes, the upstream price "skyrocketing" conduction effect of the entire feather industry obvious, downstream feather products business "sad day."

Chen Xuehui said, "because many orders are signed in February before the price increases, it is to buy a ton of loss a ton, the earliest delivery of this year's order is the end of July 30,000 down jacket is currently using stocks and a small amount of new purchase Goods deal, the next order had to wait, if the current price to buy, a piece of clothing to be on the loss of tens of dollars, more than 200,000 orders, loss of millions of dollars

Located in the "Down City of China," a total of more than 500 cities in Jiangxi Down jacket living environment has also experienced varying degrees of deterioration. Hu Weibin, deputy general manager of Jiangxi Shenao Garment Co., said that so far this year, the company has only produced more than 50,000 pieces of down jackets, less than one-sixth of last year's output. The Xinglong Industrial Co., Ltd. down in the supply of raw materials under the circumstances, suspended feather products production line.

Many mature, pre-order business tangled between the interests and credibility. Lu Yifeng, general manager of Hangzhou Hualong Down Products Co., Ltd., said that most of the orders booked each year mostly, and the price lock. Now want to complete the order will face loss of production, in order not to loss, it is necessary to breach of contract, corporate reputation will be damaged, enterprises caught in a "dilemma."

In this round of price increases, including the China Down Association, industry insiders and agencies, said people do not rule out the possibility of hoarding goods.

The industry generally believe that the current bird flu down to the entire industry will have a certain impact. On the one hand, it will cause the decline of China's down exports. China Down Industry Association said it expects the recent export volume down will be more substantial decline. "Xiaoshan look down the world," Hangzhou Xiaoshan Down Industry is the "vane," its down and its exports accounted for 56% of the country, the world market share of more than 1/4. Dasheng Sheng, deputy general manager of Hangzhou Samsung Down Products Co., Ltd., with an annual output value of 350 million yuan, said that this year's sales volume will surely be affected.

On the other hand, it may cause the quality of down products to decline. It is precisely for the winter when the production and storage of down products, raw material prices, will lead to some enterprises in order to control the cost of shoddy raw materials.

From the end of May to the beginning of June, the emergency response to bird flu was lifted in various parts of China. The poultry market was gradually restored and the prices of down-pounding products came to an end. "As we expected, once the weather heats up and challenge the survival of the flu virus, the alarm may be lifted. At present, the overall industry price has dropped a lot compared with that in April and May. For example, 90% Has dropped to 520,000 / ton, but still higher than before. "Yang Cheng said," Down industry want to restore the vitality of the 'yet to be done, because when a large number of bird flu was buried ducklings, ducks have a cycle of growth, Market wings for some time the green does not answer. "

In order to get rid of the impact of the "haze" of bird flu on the feather industry, it is inevitable for enterprises to adjust their production plans. The ducks and ducks, a large-scale down-to-earth product manufacturer in China, said that they will no longer produce such products as down duvets that consume a large amount of cashmere and down apparel will also develop into fashion to reduce the amount of cashmere.

This is for this year's summer did not earn money for the clothing practitioners, it will be a heavy burden of cost pressure, supply and demand asymmetry, the cost of rapid rise rapidly, consumers entering the winter purchase of down products peak period is certainly initial Can not accept. However, the demand for down products will still be some, and now the market has not really entered the market peak down products, but our 21-degree brand discount company last year down prices now also began to rise demand began to appear in the situation!

I think this trend is not the impact of the bird flu, with the CPI index rising year by year and some other factors, down and down products and related poultry products is also inevitable rise, coupled with the current living standards of residents, down demand is also year after year Enhance, and for the previous output is sharp drop this year, down products is also an inevitable trend of rising!

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