Maintenance of natural A cargo jade

Nowadays, more and more people buy jade, which has become a fashion, a fashion, many people have bought jade, people with good vision may also buy the jade of natural A goods, but everyone is Buy, everyone knows how to maintain the natural A cargo jade?

Care must be taken to maintain jadeite. If it is not in place, it may scratch the surface of the emerald. Next, I will tell you how to clean and maintain the jade pendant, especially the natural A-car jade. First of all, when we wear jade, we must pay attention not to wear it with other accessories. If we wear it with other accessories, it may be Scratching the surface of the emerald may also cause cracks in the interior of the jade. At this time, everyone may say that jade is not very hard? How can other things hurt him? Although jade is very hard, it is equivalent to other items. If it comes to diamonds and precious metals, it will not be so hard. Therefore, when you wear jade, you must not wear it with other accessories, so as not to cause unnecessary impact on your jade. What's more, we must pick up the jade when we cook. This is to avoid oil stains and stains contaminating the surface of the jade, so we still take it off. If you don't want to take it off, it's too troublesome, then you need The jadeite is often cleaned with a neutral detergent. In addition, jade is afraid of exposure. If it is exposed, it will affect some components inside the jadeite. Of course, it can't touch hot water. Because hot water is also hot, some people may think about how to maintain jade in the summer. In fact, the maintenance of jade in summer is also very simple, the most important thing is to try to avoid the jade being exposed to the sun and sweat. There are also some cosmetics that we often use. In fact, these cosmetics also have an impact on jade, so we should try not to touch jade and cosmetics and other items when wearing, to avoid harming the surface of jade. Finally, we must always bathe the jade. When we bathe the jade, we must use clear water. If we are bathing the jade in the summer, we can put the jade in the clear water for half an hour. In fact, in this half hour. Not only can the stains be removed, but also the jade can be replenished, which is very beneficial to jade.

Natural Burmese Jade A cargo oil green flower floating flower in front of the pendant

The above is the maintenance information of natural A cargo jade, thank you for your attention.

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