Babylonian goddess underwear remodeling healthy and beautiful

There are no natural clothes racks in the world. Almost all people have body troubles. Plump and thin people need to be adjusted by external forces. The Babylonian goddess's underwear is characterized by fashionable designs, excellent craftsmanship and strict system Create boutique lingerie, let you reshape healthy and beautiful, experience the perfect body.


Classic 3/4 cup type, your bust shape more rounded and full, high chicken heart bit, wide under the grilled, with good supporting power, gently lift the breast, while avoiding drooping and other troubles, exquisite luxury Lace fabric, highlighting distinguished and elegant.

巴比伦女神内衣  重塑健康美丽

Sophisticated and exquisite embroidery is to reflect the quality of underwear is a commonly used process, the court-like sense of superiority queen arises spontaneously, wide shoulder strap stitching ear ears extended to the side, the excess fat under the armpit and effectively gather to the chest Before, easy to have a charming cleavage.

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